Beauty, Hair and Health in Algarve

The Algarve with its Mediterranean diet, wonderful weather with 3000 hours of sunshine per year and laid back atmosphere makes most people feel healthier as soon as they collect their transfer from Faro Airport. The Algarve offers a full complement of health and wellness services.

True temples of health and wellbeing, spas and leisure centres are ideal for refreshing both body and mind. Spas in the Algarve offer visitors special attention, which includes medical consultation with specialised expertise and personalised treatment. To combat the ravages of modern living, the spa centres are armed with complete programmes for health, beauty, rejuvenation and weight loss.

Similarly, leisure centers programmes for post-natal and anti-stress relaxation; different types of massages for relaxation, modelling, sports fitness and massage with stones and also underwater massage; body treatments with essential oils, algae, peelings, as well as anti-cellulitis and slimming treatments; anti-wrinkle facial treatments, hydrotherapy which includes hot and cold Algarves, underwater music and Vichy showers; and alternative treatments such as Shiatsu, Reiki, aromatherapy and sacro-cranial massage. An entire world of techniques and products is administered by top specialists to improve the quality of life of visitors to these centres.

Spa and Massages

Spa & Massages

Free your spirit and regain your balance. The mild climate and ideal location near the ocean make Portugal’s spas natural reserves for wellness. In the mild climate of the Algarve...
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Hair and Nail Salons

Hair & Nail Salons

The Algarve is an excellent choice for all those who like taking the opportunity on holiday not only to rest, but also to take care of themselves in a peaceful environment.
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