Bernard brings heaving rain and strong wind

After depression Aline, a new storm is expected to reach mainland Portugal on Sunday, October 22, according to forecasts released by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

“Bernard is the name given by IPMA to a depression, which at noon yesterday was centred west of the Azores archipelago and which gradually moved southeast towards the Madeira archipelago”, the organisation described in a statement.

In the same note, the IPMA reported that, on Saturday, at 18h00, the depression, which is “associated with a mass of hot, humid and unstable air”, will be around 160 kilometres northeast of Funchal, “subsequently moving to the north-northeast, towards the south coast of mainland Portugal, on Sunday”. It will then progress “to the north-northeast along the Iberian Peninsula”, according to the entity.

“On October 22, the depression will approach mainland Portugal, and according to the latest model data, heavy and locally very intense precipitation is expected in the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo from the morning onwards, as well as an increase in wind intensity, and conditions favourable to the occurrence of thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind”.

These meteorological conditions will extend to the Centre and South “with the gradual displacement of Depression Bernard”, reaching the North region at the end of the day, although “with less severity”.

Therefore, “an increase in maritime agitation on the south coast of the Algarve is also expected from the afternoon of the 22nd, with waves from the southeast measuring 3 to 4 metres, gradually changing to waves from the southwest”.

“Precipitation warnings were launched conservatively in mainland Portugal, initially opting for yellow precipitation warnings for the Central and Southern regions, and gusts and sea disturbances for the Algarve, which will be updated accordingly”.

Portugal Resident