Citizens mobilize against “giant risk of eucalyptus” threatening Portugal’s forests

Thank you very much for this article.

It may seem ironic, but I fully support any move to get control of the farcical saga of the continuing non-control of the Eucalyptus by the government of Portugal over several decades.

Why is it ironic? I have a plantation of Eucalyptus globulus L. “Tasmanian Blue Gum Trees” comprising about 5 hectares … Yes I am one of those horrible growers of eucalyptus!

My late wife and I purchased our property in Central Portugal in 2003 as it has land suitable for equines. It also included an existing plantation of Eucalyptus. Over the years I have greatly reduced my plantation. Fire prevention zones were installed, and extended. Work scheduled over the next few weeks, include enlarging areas to reduce water consumption. This is also to the benefit of the wildlife seen on the property, including:-


Iberian Wolf


Roe Deer

Wild Boar

There is even a family of Egyptian Mongoose in residence!

Having taken the initiative to control my land, as described above, you will understand that I am dismayed that an adjoining piece of land was purchased by a large producer of Eucalyptus recently, and he has just planted it with Eucalyptus!

I was under the impression that after having endured the horrendous fires of October 2017, the government of Portugal had banned any further plantations of Eucalyptus in the country, but this owner says he has official permission from the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF)?

Yours sincerely

Ronald “Ronnie” Taylor

Portugal Resident