Fernando Pessoa inspires new Portimão exhibition

“Fernando Pessoa, from Pessoa to People” was inaugurated at the Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes (CMTG) in Portimão on Friday, September 8. Comprising paintings by Alentejo-born artist Patico, the exhibition is open to the public until October 31.

Patico is Francisco Alberto’s artistic name; an artist born in Monforte in 1971, currently residing in Lagoa, whose work is a mix of painting and collage techniques.

With a lengthy exhibition curriculum and several literary editions under his belt, the artist explains that his poetic writing, from figurative to abstract, reveals “carved, sculpted and plastic feelings, from my intro and retrospective album, built in the light of Fernando Pessoa, other people – some better known than others -, things and places of water, salt, sun, sweat… and tears”.

“This vision, therefore, intends to go beyond the passion and fascination that I have for the genius, his work and for the galactic public person(s) that the poet contains, transporting us to multiple dimensions (concrete, abstract…)”, says Patico.

The exhibition at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes is, from his point of view, “a crossing of painting, unknown materials, techniques and unusual forms, with memories and places, as well as literary creation, reading and other arts … a service I created, which aims to be educational. A path where I let myself go, far from prejudices and silly theories…”.

The “Fernando Pessoa, de Pessoa a Pessoa” exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Friday between 10h00 to 16h30 and on Saturdays from 15h00 to 18h30.

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