Lagos Council backs FELIZONDA Ukrainian-Portuguese Festival

Lagos supports event which aims to “celebrate cultural diversity”

Lagos Council has announced that it will be “financially and logistically supporting” FELIZONDA, a Ukrainian-Portuguese cultural festival which will take place between June 29 and July 2 in a bid to “celebrate cultural diversity, peace, friendship and solidarity.”

Organised by ORANTA – Support Association to the Ukrainian Community in Portugal, the event will be held at Praça do Infante and Jardim da Constituição and will bring several renowned Ukrainian artists to Lagos.

Among the headlining acts will be Ukrainian rock star Oleg Skrypka; the world-famous 32-piece National Orchestra of Ukraine, NAONI, described by many as the “voice of Ukraine”; and jazz singer Laura Marti. Several Portuguese and international artists will also be performing.

The programme also features the recreation of a typical Ukrainian village, food and drinks, exhibitions, a children’s area, and a crafts fair.

The event is organised by volunteers and will be free to visit, with donations going towards supporting Ukraine. The goal is to aid the rehabilitation centre for veterans of the Russo-Ukrainian war, founded by Natalia Tarabalka, the mother of Ukrainian war hero Stepan Tarabalka (who became known as the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’).

Tarabalka was credited with taking out as many as 40 Russian aircraft until he was himself shot down March 13, 2022 while battling an “overwhelming” number of enemy forces, reported The Times of London.

In a statement to the press, Lagos Council says that the subsidy to support the festival was approved during a municipal executive meeting, during which the importance of the event as a “demonstration of support and solidarity towards a people who are the aggrieved party in the conflict” was highlighted.

The festival was also praised for “contributing to the integration of the Ukrainian community in our country, particularly among citizens who have recently fled the war and have come to Portugal and settled in the municipality.”

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]

Portugal Resident