Luso-Brazilian summit ends without taking any questions

Press offices of both governments “surprised”

The 13th Luso-Brazilian Summit ended on yesterday without the right to questions from journalists after statements delivered by Portuguese prime minister António Costa, and Brazilian president Lula da Silva.

As Lusa news agency admits, this was “contrary to what had been planned.

“The plan was that the Brazilian media would ask one question and the Portuguese another (…) but after finishing his speech, Lula da Silva hugged António Costa and then turned to him and asked, “Shall we go?”

“The two then left the stage (…)

“When questioned by the Lusa news agency, the press offices of both governments expressed surprise at the way the summit ended.

“On the Brazilian side, “the lateness of the hour” was given as a possible explanation. Lula da Silva and António Costa’s statements began at 6:45 pm, two hours later than planned, ending less than half an hour later (7.10pm)”.

The 13th Luso-Brazilian Summit took place six and a half years after the last bilateral meeting between governments, which also involved António Costa, but in 2016 the president of Brazil was Michel Temer.

Today, Lula da Silva has no public agenda. Tomorrow will see him in the company again of Mr Costa, opening a business forum in Porto and later attending a ceremony in Lisbon to award the Camões Prize to Brazilian singer Chico Buarque.

Tuesday signals the end of President Lula’s visit to Portugal. He is due to make a speech in parliament but leave shortly afterwards, thus missing the ‘solemn session’ to commemorate the April 25 revolution.

Source material: LUSA

Portugal Resident