Portugal’s tourist tax rakes in €21.4 million from January to April

Tourism up 41% on same period last year

With tourism already riding high this year, municipalities that levy a ‘tourist tax’ have seen money pouring in. The first four months of the year – very much low season – have seen  €21.4 million raised: Lisbon being responsible for €13.6 million.

The sums represent an increase of 61% on the same period last year – while tourist numbers themselves are up by 41%.

Porto came in second place, with €5.8 million raised over the four months, reports SIC Notícias, while Santa Cruz, Madeira also ‘broke the record’ on money coming in.

“This is also due to the growth in the tax applied”, admits SIC.

Tourist taxes appear to be ‘coming back in fashion’ after the decision, during the pandemic, to drop them altogether. They are generally around €1-€2 per night, per adult, for one week (irrespective of the length of stay).

In 2022, only 11 municipalities charged tourist taxes. Since then quite a few more have ‘come on board’. The tendency is for others to follow, particularly as tourism nationally is back on track, showing every sign of beating last year’s numbers well before the peak season has even begun.

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