Severed head discovered in Azambuja “could be linked to body parts” found in Cadaval

Distance between two locations ‘around 30kms’

The dismembered torso horror of Tuesday appears to have developed with the discovery of a severed head discarded in scrubland ground 30kms away.

The head was found mid-morning in Azambuja

According to reports, it was not found, like the other body parts, in a black plastic bag. It was not found in any kind of bag, says Correio da Manhã.

Curiously, photographs featured from Cadaval (by Algarve Postal) show an area where a number of untouched black plastic bags had been left. Could whoever disposed of the body parts, have left the black plastic bags behind by mistake (not having one for the head?)

All these questions will be addressed by police, who are working on the theory that the head is the missing body part from the discoveries in Pero Moniz, Cadaval.

O Mirante online also suggests authorities have a potential identity. Ukrainian resident Mykhailo Krainykovskyi went missing from his home in Aveiras de Cima (less than 10kms from Azambuja) in March. He hasn’t been seen since. 

According to reports, the 36-year-old was last seen in the area of Texuga, on Sunday March 5.

CNN Portugal however stresses in its report that the state of decomposition of the head “is completely different to the state of decomposition of the body parts” (meaning, the head appears not to match the state of advanced decomposition demonstrated by the body parts) Thus this is still very much a mystery – and there is the possibility that this discovery is not the ‘missing head’ of the body found on Tuesday evening 30 kms away, in which case authorities could be looking at two cases of dismemberment, not one.

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