Woofland by Iron Dog showcases EMMETT technique for animals

Technique is already widely used on humans but not so much on animals

Woofland by Iron Dog at Mar Shopping Algarve will host a special workshop focusing on the EMMETT technique for animals on Monday, October 23 between 9am and 3pm.

It is being marketed as an “unprecedented event” in Portugal and will allow dog owners to learn more about how this technique can be used to improve their pets’ life quality.

Woofland by Iron Dog describes EMMETT therapy as “a neuro-muscular release technique known for applying light finger pressure to specific points on the body in order to release existing tension.”

“The technique uses activation points that can unlock muscle memory. The fundamental goal is simple: pain and discomfort relief, increased mobility, restoring a positive emotional state, and improving the animal’s quality of life. The results include quick and immediate relief and, consequently, greater comfort,” it adds.

While this technique is widely used on humans, it is still relatively unheard of when it comes to animals in Portugal.

In order to change this tendency, Woofland by Iron Dog invited Croatian trainer Natalija Divković to “share her knowledge and vast experience” with pet owners and animal health professionals in order to “help treat animals affected by several physical limitations.”

Natalija holds a degree in Physiotherapy and has been certified in EMMETT therapy for dogs since 2018, becoming an official instructor for EMMETT for dogs in 2020. This will be her first time in Portugal.

Six specific movements selected especially for dogs will be covered, although they can also be applied to cats. The workshop will address the principles of the EMMETT technique and its history, neck relaxation, shoulder girdle release, arm and hand/paw relaxation, spinal release, and hamstring release, among other topics.

This workshop is intended for pet owners, trainers, dog caregivers, and individuals who are not therapists but wish to help their own animals alleviate pain and discomfort, as well as provide preventive care. Participants are welcome to bring their animals.

Animals that may benefit from this workshop include those suffering from chronic pain, congenital or degenerative limiting conditions, animals that have undergone surgery, with mobility and balance issues, partially or fully paralysed animals, and animals with anxiety problems.

At the end of the event, attendees should be able to apply various techniques and movements that can make a difference in the quality of life of their animals. More information about the Emmett technique can be found online.

The workshop will be conducted in English (and translated on the spot to Portuguese), and costs €120. Registrations can be completed online.

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